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James Miller, Project Manager

10 October, 2016

Most marketers know the power of personalization when it comes to email. But few have made the jump to personalized content. 

Personalized content is just starting to take flight, but the maze of vendors and technologies can make it hard to implement.  

So where should you start?  

If you’re goal is increasing email click through rates and boosting subsequent conversion, look no further than personalized video. At Hiccup, we’ve been creating personalized videos for the past two years, and we’ve learned that it is one of the most powerful email marketing tools in existence today. 


So, What’s A Personalized Video?

A personalized video is a live action, mixed media or animated video that is dynamically generated, in real time, to create a story based on relevant customer data. Personalized video can essentially take any piece of information, like customers’ names or billing information, and use it to deliver a completely individualized experience to the viewer. 


Why Start With Personalized Video?

The goal of personalized video is to deliver a more valuable and relevant experience to your customer. Personalized videos are more engaging, better at nurturing current customers and lead to higher conversion rates. 

In our most recent campaign for a national insurance company, personalized video drove outstanding results:

• 371% increase in email click through

• 93.5% account renewal rate

• 84.4% completion rate

• And a 42% increase in cross sell conversions


When Should You Use Personalized Video?

Personalized video is most effective when you have a wealth of data on the person you’re sending the video to, so generally that means existing customers. It also means personalized video can be implemented in most common eCRM campaigns like onboarding, customer retention, cross sell, upsell and account summary/billing. 


How To Maximize Email Response With Personalized Video

Personalized video is a tactic that’s almost guaranteed to deliver results. But there are a few steps you have to take to ensure it’s viewed in the best light.

So here are the four things you need to remember to maximize email response with a personalized video:

• Indicate in the subject line that the email contains a personalized video

• Make the video player the prominent focus of the email and the name of the recipient in the video thumbnail

• Make the video as personal, relevant and engaging as possible for the viewer

• Include CTA’s on the video player’s landing page that are relevant to the video’s topic

If you’re interested in learning more about Hiccup’s past personalized video campaigns or to see how you can immediately increase the effectiveness of your email campaigns, drop me a line. I’d love to help.