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Rob Simone, President

05 May, 2016

Today, anyone with a phone is a content producer…which means everyone is a content producer.

From the Snapchat of your neighbor’s dog Molly scrunching her face after licking a lemon to the half million dollar Dos Equis production to launch the Most Interesting Man In The World into space, all content is clamoring for attention. Luckily for Dos Equis and other brands, the quality of their production beats little Molly by a mile. So it’s better content, right?

Not necessarily. Brands with big budgets may have the edge when it comes to production value, but that doesn’t define quality execution anymore.

The democratization of content has changed the rules of production.

Beautifully produced content isn’t good enough anymore. The great, big universe of content is a wormhole that sucks people’s attention in a million different ways. There’s just too much noise to place your bet on visual quality, alone.

Unfortunately, most brands haven’t adapted to the new bar of content. They spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to produce a gorgeous looking video, but their return is a piece of content that languishes at the dusty, dingy bottom of the Internet.

To fix that, we need to examine what makes content successful and how to adopt those principles into the process of how we create content.

So, without further adieu, these are the four principles that all successful pieces of content have in common:

It’s high quality: Just because everyone is a content producer, doesn’t mean that anyone should be doing it for your brand. Quality production value may be table stakes, but it’s still part of the reason why people sit down in the first place.

It’s relevant: Your content should align the frame of mind of your target. Relevance earns attention and rewards engagement.

It’s adaptable or expandable: Diligence outweighs brilliance when it comes to creating content that’s consistently successful. You should always be looking to adapt what’s not working and expand upon what is.

It’s shareable: Being shareable is more than just being funny, cute, shocking or interesting. A piece of content is shareable if it fits the mold of where and why it’s being shared.


This is how we define quality execution at Hiccup. Part of the reason we created Hiccup was to evolve the standard that quality execution is held to.

But more than that, these are principles that any brand’s content, no matter how big or small, must abide by in order to deliver on objectives.

Write them on post-its and stick them around your screen, staple them to the wall - hell, chisel them into a pair of stone tablets. Because not all content is created equal. The only way your content will rise to the top and deliver Return On Objective is if it’s produced in a way that reflects the new definition of quality execution.