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Hiccup Culture

What is Hiccup? What do we believe and where are we going? Take a quick look at the history, the...

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Curiosity makeralt

Curiosity Magazine: Makers

10-year-old Ethan taps the generosity of 3D printing gurus to regain use of his disabled hand.

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Red Room Key

Hiccup showreel thumbnail

Hiccup Showreel 2017

2016 was a great year with lots of memorable creative and massive results. Check our the latest...

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3ms bannerday

3MS “Banner Day” (:30sec TV Spot)

What a lonely guy searching for loose change on a frozen beach has to say about sketchy banner...

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Limbik thumb 2  1

LIMBIK Brand Video

Limbik is the new platform that takes the guesswork out of creating videos people want to watch.

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Curiosity Magazine: "Wild to Wonderful"

A group of troubled teens find the inspiration they need from a surprising source…wolves.

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About FTI Consulting

FTI Consulting supports the world’s top firms in more ways than one.

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Vcny thumb 2

VCNY "Welcome Home"

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CRS Digital


CFGA "Explainer"

The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta has been providing individuals with expert...

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Ray LaMontagne "Supernova"

Produced in animation for Ray LaMontagne and RCA Records.

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Epower Print


ECS "About us"

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Grand Central Oyster Bar

2016 06 07

Animated Brand & Explainer Videos

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Kygo "Raging" Music Video

Two lovers fight to find love in the emotionally charged streets of Rio

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Magic DM

Etrade thumb

E*TRADE Sample Reel

The top highlights from Hiccup’s eight year relationship with E*TRADE

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Eikon thumb

Thomson Reuters “EIKON” Launch Video

EIKON is the answer to all of your investing needs

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WSJ Custom Studios Mercedes Viewfinder

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Me-Ality Print

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PPL Digital

Cage web image

Cage The Elephant "Cry Baby"

Watch what happens when a band takes the camera on a behind the scenes adventure.

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Kygo thumb

Kygo "Here For You"

Morning’s first light reawakens euphoric memories from the night before.

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Iron Bow "Service Select"

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Jason Rulnick


Babbel “Educate Anywhere” (:30sec TV Spot)

Discover the simple trick to learning languages faster.

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Oman oil

Oman Oil Co. "Success"

Oman Oil has done something incredible over the past 20 years that could help heal our planet.

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Dicks hell week

Dick’s Sporting Goods “Hell Week” (:30sec TV Spot)

A team of high school football players put it all on the line before their biggest season yet

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Ppl life

PPL “Isn’t This Life Enough” (:60sec TV Spot)

Using a little less electricity every day isn’t as hard as it seems.

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Sap run simple

SAP "Run Simple"

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Branded content

Branded Content Samples

Branded content comes in many shapes and sizes. Check out Hiccup's most recent work.

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Curiosity lost and found

Curiosity Magazine "Lost and Found"

A thrift store enthusiast finds an unlikely treasure in the forgotten memories of undeveloped film.

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Iron bow thumb

Iron Bow Technologies

Looking for a strong, flexible, targeted tech partner? Look no further than Iron Bow.

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Ppl kids

PPL "Kids"

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Dicks thumb

Dick’s Sporting Goods “Holiday Retail” (:30sec TV Spot)

Where should you start your holiday shopping? Where every season starts, at Dick’s

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Work urban

Urban Outfitters “City” (:30sec TV Spot)

Young, rogue trendsetters unleash the wild energy built up inside them.

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Ppl thumb

PPL "Holiday Greeting 2015"

Ever seen an electric socket sing? These ones do, and their song may…shock you.

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Project Envolve Blogger Campaign

Crafty PA mommy bloggers dish out clever tips to save you money on your electric bill.

Curiosity detroit

Curiosity Magazine "Detroit"

Detroit: 'Catalysts of Change' is a docu-style journey into the heart of today's recovering...

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Work hm

H&M "Fall"

Directed by John Poliquin

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Fti holiday

FTI "Holiday Card"

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Curiosity zoo

Curiosity Magazine "Zoo"

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Loto vale

Vale "LOTO"

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Ecs bia 400x400

ECS "Business Intelligence"

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Work midnight

"Before Midnight" Feature Film Trailer

From acclaimed director, Richard Linklater, comes the third installment of his epic three part...

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Work 4food

4food "Burger Song"

Hungry yet? Enjoy the animated digital spot for Manhattan burger chain 4food.

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Screen shot 2015 08 21 at 2.10.31 pm

Dick's Sporting Goods "Golf" Tv Spot

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Fti company

FTI Consulting "Company Video"

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Fti thumb

FTI Consulting "Holiday Greeting 2015"

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Season Sardines Brand Relaunch

Sardines dethrone tuna and other established health foods to become the supreme superfood.

Work getloud

Converse - Get Loud "Helicopter"

Editorial and Post-Production by Hiccup Media. Editor: Michael Cruz

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Screen shot 2015 08 21 at 1.05.43 pm

Pronamel "Acid Truth" Erosion

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Work initiative

Initiative "Manifesto"

Finding your dream job is as simple as following your heart.

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My Suit

Work advil

Advil "The Glue"

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EB Sports Group - Sync

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Etrade advice

E*Trade "Advice"

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Thanksgivukah Digital Campaign

Once every 77,000 years, Thanksgiving and Chanukah collide to create the epic mash-up holiday:...

Work advilspin

Advil "Spin"

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Work goldie

A$AP Rocky "Goldie" Music Video (Dirty Version)

Produced by RCA Records. Post-Production, GFX and Color by Hiccup.

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Work labrinth

"Labrinth" Artist Album Release

An inside look at the UK’s breakthrough artist who’s single-handedly climbed to the top of the...

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Work hiccuptouch

Hiccup's Touch

Created for the HBO NY Latino Film Festival, 'Hiccup's Touch' is a stop animation film created in...

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Comcast toogood

Comcast 'Too Good' (:30sec TV Spot)

This sophisticated piece of 3D animation was produced for Comcast’s triple play efforts.

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Work caroline

US Army "Caroline"

Wanna build a mock military base on Randall's Island in NY? How about shoot six spots in one day?...

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Pringles fun

Pringles "Fun" (:30sec TV Spot)

Is it possible to capture fun? Pringles has, and they've squeezed it all into their newest can.

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Work robot

Purolator "Metal Wars" El Diablo

Battlebots El Diablo Mucho and TP Killa face off in a flame filled fight to the death.

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Work pursuits

Love and Other Impossible Pursuits

We absolutely love writing and cutting film trailers at Hiccup. It is a unique process and...

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Work competitiverange

Competitive Range Solutions Portfolio

A quick glimpse at identity, branding and design work across multiple platforms for technology...

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Work redroom

Red Room Key Portfolio

A quick glimpse at identity, branding and design work across multiple platforms for high-end...

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Work meality


A quick glimpse at identity, branding and design work across multiple platforms for fashion...

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Work rulnick

Jason Rulnick Inc. Portfolio

A quick glimpse at identity, branding and design work across multiple platforms for art industry...

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Work shaving

P&G "Shaving"

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Work wallstreet

Wall Street Journal "Portfolio of Ideas"

Produced as part of a web series for WSJ and State Street Financial, 'Portfolio of Ideas' is...

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Work dietcoke

Diet Coke “Bubbles” (:30sec TV Spot)

The tickling, fizzy tingle of Diet Coke is unleashed on unsuspecting beach-goers in Miami.

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Work bmw

BMW "M3" Documentary

Take an inside look at the BMW M3 Lime Rock Park Edition. Directed by Oliver Jevremov

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Work towel

P&G "Towel"

Good clean production and post for P&G and Grey NY. Directed by Michael Cruz.

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Downy lenore

Downy/Lenor Scent Pearls (:30sec TV Spot)

The tiny trick everyone should know to keep their laundry smelling fabulously fresh.

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Usarmy juan

US Army "Juan"

Produced for the US Army business pitch. Director: Michael Cruz.

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Work nytimes

Natural Gas "NY Times" (:30sec TV Spot)

There's a new technique for tapping natural gas could be the key to energy independence.

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Work metalwars

Purolator "Metal Wars" Castration

Produced for the epic viral campaign for Purolator and Grey NY, 'Metal Wars' is a series of...

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Work etradenew

E*Trade "New To Online Investing"

Its all about keeping viewers engaged and that is a particular challenge when it comes to complex...

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Work bleachers

Bleachers "Making of the Video"

Post-Production by Hiccup Media

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Work daughtrybattle

Daughtry "Battleships"

All post-production by Hiccup

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Work gavindegraw

Gavin Degraw "Make a Move" Behind The Scenes

Take an inside look at the filming of Gavin Degraw's latest video for the track 'Make A Move'....

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Work walkthemoon

Walk The Moon iTunes Exclusive

An exclusive, behind-the-scenes looks at Walk The Moon’s album release.

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Work stepup

Step Up 3D - Music Video

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Work jacoblat

Jacob Latimore - Artist Sizzle Reel

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Work danielmerri

Daniel Merriweather "Water on a Flame"

Editorial, effects and color by Hiccup Media. Produced by Sony/RCA Records.

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Work kesha

Kesha Behind the Scenes

Follow Kesha as we go behind the scenes on her latest photo shoot for Casio Baby G watches. ...

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Work ftiseasons

FTI Consulting "Holiday Greeting"

Its always fun to help our clients spread some holiday cheer. In this animated greeting for FTI...

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Work fticompany

FTI Consulting - Company Video

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Work pinnaclegroup

The Pinnacle Group

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Work collab9

Collab9 Brand Video

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BAASS Business Solutions

Simple, clean brand video execution. Creative development, animation and post-production provided...

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Work looking

Looking Point Brand Video

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Work junto

Junto Consulting Group - Brand Video

It is never easy to communicate the brand identity of companies that deal in emerging technology....

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Oman energy

Oman "Energy"

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Work etradediverse

E*Trade Diversification

For the last 6 years, Hiccup has worked closely with E*TRADE in building out several education...

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Work securedata

Secure Data Technologies - Brand Video

The classic brand video has become the staple content piece for companies large and small. It is...

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Work scholastic

Scholastic "Discover More" Spot

Produced in conjunction with Bajibot, this digital spot was created to drive downloads of the...

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Work soymono

Soy Mono PSA Series "Ambition"

Created as an original content series for MTV Tr3s. Winner of an Advertising Age Gold Hispanic...

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Work jifolympics

JIF Olympics Test Spot

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Work directvsizzle

DirecTV Sizzle Reel

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Work nook

Nook Color Launch Video

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Work fabreeze

Febreze "Challenge"

Live action production, editorial and post-production by Hiccup Media.

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Work miapolis

Miapolis Anthem

Created as a mood piece for the Miapolis development pitch.

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Me-Ality Postcards

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CRS Branding

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Me-Ality Digital

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